When I first get an idea for a book I often do some research before sitting down in front of my computer to start writing.

I have lots of reference books, and piles of newspaper and magazine articles I've collected over the years on a variety of subjects. Sometimes I borrow books from the library, watch a TV programme or listen to a radio programme about a particular topic that interests me, and, of course, use the Internet. It's rather like being a detective ? collecting information, then fitting it together to see whether it will make a good story.

So if you are interested in a particular topic from one of my books you might like to follow it up by doing some of your own research.

Just to start you off, here are some websites you may find interesting if you are looking for information about:

The herring girls worked long hours in the open air, often in inhospitable wintry conditionsEast Anglian Fishing Industry
Time & Tide - Museum of Great Yarmouth Life
Lowestoft Maritime Museum

Samplers (Needlework)
Embroidery A History of Needlework Samplers

Climate Change
Climate Kids

Floods Explained

The Poor Law & The Workhouse
National Archives

Wild Bird Crime
RSPB - Wild Bird Crime

Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy

There may be other subjects you'd like to research and write about yourselves!