Young Blood, The Phoenix Conspiracy & Gunshots at Dawn all written by Mary ChapmanA Longer Read for Newly-Confident Readers

Young Blood, published by Ransom,  in their new series Breakouts, is perfect for readers of 9 to 13 years who have gained some confidence so want a more challenging read, but who aren't yet ready for longer, more demanding novels.

In this dystopian future, the blood of the young is a precious commodity: it can rejuvenate old people. Of course only the rich can afford young blood, and an illegal market is inevitable. Two friends are drawn into an underworld of organised crime where they risk being drained of every drop of their young blood.

Shorter Reads for Young Adults

Shorter, illustrated versions of two of my books for teenagers have been published by Ransom in their new Sharp Shades series for readers who find longer novels too daunting but still want the excitement of a good story.

The Phoenix Conspiracy, Dystopian future

Jake had medical treatment, but it went horribly wrong. And now his friends can't get in touch with him.

It was supposed to be simple. After all, regeneration cures the wounded and heals the sick. Doesn't it?

So what happened to Jake? Was it just a mistake or is something else behind the horror?

Gunshots at Dawn, Illegal poaching

Joyriding's a thrill for brothers Jim and Robbie. Sneak into the car, power up the engine, then out onto the country roads.

But when they hear gunshots, they know they're not alone in the night.

Is it poachers, or something more sinister?