'What's in a name?'
I've discovered I'm not the only author with the name Mary Chapman. This can be confusing for readers as websites list together all books by authors with the same name.

So please note that all of my published books are listed here on my website.


Published by Ransom in their Shades 2.0 Series, these fast-paced, shorter novels are for teenagers who find longer books daunting but still want the excitement of a good story.

Danger Money, Historical Adventure
When Bob Thompson joins the crew of the armed fishing smack, the Admiral, he's excited because he'll get extra pay – danger money. But it's World War 1 and Bob soon discovers he has to earn his danger money the hard way.

Virus, Science Fiction
For Penna, her friend Veeka, and everyone else, life is controlled by the LOP, or Life Organisation Programmer, attached to their wrists. So when the LOPS go wrong they don't know what to do. Can they trust the mysterious boy, Queltus?

Hauntings, Ghost Story
Rebecca Jane's birthday present from her dad is faded and grubby – just a bit of old junk, really. But when she opens it, Rebecca steps into a living nightmare. The present seems to be a key to the past, invading Rebecca's mind.

Wrong Exit, Science Fiction
Grace, Adam and Ruby's mum goes off in the fog to get petrol, while they wait in the car. But she doesn't return. They go to look for her but find themselves in another world. There they meet Dave, the only survivor of a terrible flood. Can they escape?

Sci-fi Stories
A collection of four gripping short SF stories, by Gillian Philip, David Orme, Alan Durant and myself.  

Invasion, Science Fiction
Jack is in hospital – there's something wrong with his leg. He has to have an ultrasound scan. When he sees the images on the screen he gets a shock. His two best mates have the same problem. But the doctors won't tell them anything.

Ghost Stories
A collection of four short ghost stories, by Gillian Philip, Anne Rooney, John Townsend and myself.  

The Phoenix Conspiracy, Science Fiction

When Ella and Ryan's friend Jake comes home from the Phoenix Hospital after an operation it's obvious that something very strange has happened to him. The three friends make some alarming discoveries involving an organisation called DAAR, and two of its members, the mysterious JT1 and JT2. Will Ella, Ryan and Jake be able to stop the Phoenix Conspiracy?

Gunshots at Dawn, Crime Fiction

When Robbie and his older brother Jim are on one of their secret night-time visits to Grange Farm they see two men who they suspect are committing a crime. Robbie wants to report them, but Jim doesn't. The problem is the boys are committing a crime themselves. Robbie decides to investigate on his own, but discovers more than he'd bargained for.




Paupers - shortlisted in the Children’s Books category, for the East Anglian Book Awards 2014.

Paupers, historical fiction, published by Ransom, is in their Cold Fusion Series for confident readers of 9 to 12 years who enjoy a challenge, but who do not necessarily want to read really long books.

When Samuel Maddison leaves his family – his wife, Lydia, son Tom, daughter Rose, and Rose’s baby - they have nowhere to go but the workhouse. They are paupers in Victorian England, and life in the workhouse is hard. Tom and Rose need to summon all their strength and ingenuity to survive. What does the future hold for the Maddison family?

I was inspired to write this story by my visits to Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse (Museum of Norfolk Life), Gressenhall, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 4DR

If you live in or near Southwell, Nottinghamshire, you can visit The Workhouse, Upton Road, Southwell, NR25 0PT. This former workhouse now belongs to the National Trust. Here you can see for yourself what life was really like in Victorian times for poor people such as the Maddison family. And if you don’t already have one you can buy a copy of Paupers in the museum shop. 

There are other workhouse museums to visit in other parts of the country. For instance:

Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse, Northwich, Cheshire,
Ripon Workhouse Museum, Ripon, Yorkshire



I have written three picture books for younger children:

Amy's Slippers, illustrated by Simona Dimitri
Amy can never find her slippers – if only she had magic ones they would come to her! One day some pink and sparkly slippers are waiting for her when she gets home from school but nobody knows where they came from – or where they might take Amy…

Sophie's Timepiece, illustrated by Nigel Baines
Sophie's Aunt Rose comes to visit and gives Sophie a family heirloom – her great-grandfather's timepiece. The timepiece looks a bit boring to Sophie, but when it takes her on an exciting adventure back in time, she realises it is no ordinary watch after all!

These two picture books were published by Evans, but are out of print at the moment, although some copies are still available online, and they can be borrowed from your local library.

Wait a Minute, Ruby! illustrated by Nick Schon
Ruby wants some help, but Mum is busy, Dad is cooking and Gran is working on the computer. No one has any time for her, so Ruby packs her bag and decides to leave.

Wait a Minute, Ruby! also published by Evans was out of print until recently,  but has now been brought out as an e-book by ReadZone, a new independent publishing company.  A printed version will be coming out in the near future.